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The system says I'm "Over Quota"

If you are getting a message that says "Over Quota" it means your email account has exceeded it's 10MB limit. To fix this please call our office so we can temporarily raise the quota so you can delete some items.

Each email account with OpenCom is given 10MB of storage space. If we raise your limit because of an "Over Quota" message the system will automatically reset the storage space back to 10MB after a few days.

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I keep getting a dialog box asking for my username and password in Outlook/Outlook Express

If you get this dialog box you may be entering the wrong username or password. Otherwise it is probably an issue with your anti-virus program blocking Outlook/Outlook Express from reaching our servers. Try the solutions below:

  • Make sure you are entering the correct username(entire email address) and password.
  • Disable your anti-virus/spyware programs.
  • Call us, your account may have exceeded it's quota.

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Email Settings

If you are using an unsupported email client, you can set it up using the following settings.

  • POP3 Server (Incoming Mail Server):
  • SMTP Server (Outgoing Mail Server):
  • No Outgoing Authentication
  • No SSL
  • Username should be ENTIRE email address

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