OpenCom, Inc. Payment Policy
OpenCom requires no long-term contract for Internet service, however we do require that you pay for service in advance. When you pay OpenCom you are paying for your next term of service.

OpenCom reserves the right to change/modify this payment policy as need arises. Upon change/modification of this policy OpenCom will attempt to e-mail the updated policy to all users. It is the customer’s responsibility to remain informed of such changes/modifications.

Section I Credit Card Billing

Acceptable Terms of Payment.

1. OpenCom assumed pre-payment for the period of service.

2. OpenCom will make every reasonable attempt to deliver paper invoices 15 days prior to due date via the United States Postal Service. Delivery dates will vary slightly.

3. OpenCom will make all reasonable attempts to contact a customer if payment is not received.

4. OpenCom reserves the right to disable an account for any reason, including non-payment or delinquency.

5. Prices are subject to change without notice.

6. Any and all billing errors must be brought to our attention within 90 days if a refund is expected. No action will be taken to correct billing errors older than 90 days.

7. If an account remains unpaid for a period of 15 days after its respective due date, the account will be suspended. After 30 days of suspension, a total of 45 days of non-payment, the account will be deleted and terminated from the server. All files associated with the account, including backups, may be removed at this time. Attempts to contact the user regarding non-payment will be made as a courtesy and not as an obligation.

OpenCom bills all VISA and MasterCard accounts on the 1st day of the month in which a balance is due. If a credit card that can not be billed, (i.e. card is over limit, etc.), the customer will be contacted via telephone and/or e-mail. If payment arrangements are not made by the 10th of the month the customer’s login will be disabled.

Section II Invoice/Statement Billing

OpenCom will prepare all invoices/statements on or before the 17th day of the month prior to the month in which a bill is due. If an invoice/statement has not been received by the 22nd day of the month then please contact us at 233-4777.

All OpenCom invoice/statement bills for internet service are due on the 1st day of the month and are considered delinquent by the 10th day. Any account that has a balance of greater that zero on the 10th may receive an e-mail warning. If the balance is not paid in full by the 15th the customer’s login may be disabled without warning. Additionally, in the event an account is disabled OpenCom reserves the right not to refund any charges for service during this period.

Opencom will charge $25.00 on all returned checks.